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New Purse Theft Tactic

According to the Police Department in Prince William County, there’s a new disturbing crime, which involves using a shopping cart. Thieves are distracting shoppers by placing shopping carts behind their vehicles and then stealing their purse (or belongings) while the victim puts away (or moves) the shopping cart. 

Investigators mentioned, “What happens is the victim typically the driver, and typically someone who is alone, gets out of the vehicle to go move the shopping cart and while they’re distracted,  just a few seconds, 20, 30 seconds tops, the suspect is essentially getting into the vehicle and removing any valuables that they can. It doesn’t take long to open a car door that’s unlocked, snatch whatever you can, and run.”

Due to this new tactic thieves are using to steal purses or valuables from the cars, be vigilant of your surroundings and keep your purse, bags and valuable items with you at all times. Some crime prevention tips would be to ensure you turn off your engine, take your belongs along with your keys with you and lock the door.

Hope this article is helpful and brings awareness of this new and unusual crime tactic. Thank you for reading and please comment below.

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