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Holiday Scams Tips


During the holiday season, we are so occupied that we forget that scammers are scheming a way to trap us. We need to stay alert. Here are some helpful scam tips to be on the look out during the holiday season.

Online Shopping – scammers uses phishing emails or advertisement to offer deals

Social Media – scammers provide holiday gift cards, vouchers, promotions by filling out surveys to gather your personal information through social media

Gift Cards – scammers will send out spoofed email, call or text asking to purchase multiple gift cards for either personal or business reasons.

Charity – scammers create fake charities asking people to donate to a legitimate group profiting off the contributions.

Smartphone Apps – scammers generate a new free game mobile app that steals your personal information.

Beneficial TIPS to avoid being a victim:

  • Secure a strong password with all your financial accounts, before shopping online. Utilize various password for each financial account.
  • Do not click on skeptical email attachment, websites, social media or links, especially when it request for a password or financial information. This can cause malware/virus to be download to your device
  • If you receive a request from a company to update or change your password or account information, please contact the company directly using their official website or phone number.
  • Beware of purchases or services that have you use gift card as payment.
  • Use credit card versus debit card when making a purchase and routinely monitor your credit card statements.
  • Donate money directly to the charity organization¬† and beware or copycat charities with similar names
  • When purchasing items online, make sure you get a tracking number for your purchases so you can track the delivery process. Track your order through your original confirmation¬† email.

Actions taken if you are a victim:

If you become a victim of a holiday scam, contact your financial institution and report any suspicious activities or fraudulent transfer.

Please report or contact the FBI at or the San Francisco FBI field office at 415-553-7400.

Thank you for reading and we hope you find this information helpful. Please comment below. We love to hear from you.

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