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Self-Defense Tools Provides Sense Of Security

Smash Violence

As crime and assaults are on the arise, you can empower yourself and feel more in control, by carrying self defense tools to protect you in a dangerous situation. To avoid being victimized, there are a wide variety of self-defense tools that can provide for your needs and circumstances.

If you are unsure and want to feel at ease, here are several self-defense tools that can assist.

Pepper Spray – simple to use, easy to carry, and used at a distance. Point and spray the liquid chemical to the attacker’s eye.

Stun Gun – easy to carry in your hand or pocket, a short blast to deliver a super powerful and painful shock.

Self-Defense Keychain – small, easy to carry and attached to keys. It provides the power of steel used to sharpen a punch.

Tactical Pen / Kubotan – both are easy to carry, easy to use and very affordable. Tactical Pen has multiple addition, a glass breaker, retractable pen tip and used to jab or stab. Kubotan is lightweight with a thick tip and fits perfectly onto keychain.

Flashlight – fits on keychain and belt clip, easy to carry, easily zoomable to pinpoint the beam, a blinding strobe and SOS setting and strong enough to use as a self defense baton.

Personal Alarm – great deterrent to ward off attacker and alert others to get help. It emits a loud piercing sound causing pain to the attacker’s ear. It’s small, easy to carry everywhere you go and great for keeping you safe.

These self-defense tools are a few options you can choose to defend against a variety of attacks. Remember your goal with a self-defense weapon should be to quickly deploy it to get yourself out of danger, not to prolong or engage in a fight. For more defense weapons, please browse The Wright Prevention, to equip yourself and provide a sense of security.

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